Fishing with us

Anglers fishing at Viking Fishery

We want your fishery experience to be relaxing and successful.

Viking Fishery has three well stocked and established ponds to choose from; the ponds contain a mixture of Carp, Tench, Bream, Perch, Barbel, Ide and Roach. The average distance between the pegs and the islands is 13m and there is ample spacing between each peg.

The rules MUST be follow and apply to all ponds. If you don't follow the rules, you may be asked to leave.

You can obtain a day ticket at the following rates. Adults £8, Concessions £6. Open matches are conducted regularly and can be enjoyed by all. The results of your match will appear on this website but please be patient if the results don't appear immediately.

Please note that club bookings may require a deposit.

For more information on matches please contact Laurie or Margaret on 01405 785206 or 07813 824270.


The rules MUST be adhered to.

1. Fishing is from 8am until sunset.

2. Fishing is with one rod, line and hook only.

3. NO KEEPNETS allowed - except in a pre-booked match. In matches all keepnets to be air-dried before use.

4. In matches, two keepnets should be used and no keepnet should hold more than 60 lb of fish.

5. No fish to be removed from the site, anyone caught doing so WILL be prosecuted.

6. ANYONE with litter in or around his/her peg will be asked to leave.

7. Barbless hooks to be used only.

8. Fishing is only allowed from designated pegs.

9. Anglers must remain close to the pool and not interfere with any form of wildlife or trample down any vegetation.

10. A current rod license is required.

11. No fish to be held in cloths or towels.

12. No braided hook lengths.

13. All fish to be landed in nets.

14. No catmeat or bait in tins allowed.

15. No floating baits to be used in matches.

What people have said about us

"If you get a barbel peg and they are in the mood you will bag up..."

On Hawk pond - If you get a barbel peg and they are in the mood you will bag up. Really good for pleasing sessions.

"It's chocca with fish on all 3 ponds."

Mainly a pole venue, its chocca with fish on all 3 ponds, some nice barbel plus carp, skimmers, tench.

"Give Laurie a ring - smashing fella."

Give Laurie a ring - smashing fella plus he fishes it regular so he will tell you what's working.

"Myself and the other guys on our committee are really impressed."

Myself and the other guys on our committee are really impressed with the quality of fish and professionalism from the boys at Viking Fishery Fisheries.