The forthcoming matches at Viking Fishery are shown below. You can take part in a match at the Fishery by being part of a club booking or by buying a ticket to an open match on the day. To secure your place, please ensure that you contact Laurie or Margaret.

Forthcoming matches

This information was updated on 26/05/24
Club name Pond Date Time
Open Deer 28/05/24 8.30
Ralph AC Fox 01/06/24
Rockware Hawk 01/06/24
Open Deer 01/06/24 8.30
Rothwell WM Deer 02/06/24
Leeds Electric Fox 02/06/24
Great Horton Hawk 02/06/24
Yorkshire Post Deer 04/06/24
Open Hawk 04/06/24 8.30
Hatfield Woodhouse Deer 08/06/24
West Yorkshire Wagglers Pond 08/06/24
Open Hawk 08/06/24 8.30
Wombwell Deer 09/06/24
Leeds bt Fox 09/06/24
Acorn Hawk 09/06/24
Open Deer 11/06/24 8.30
Molson Coors Hawk 15/06/24
Open Deer 15/06/24 8.30
Clayton Deer 16/06/24
Spring Close Old Boys Fox 16/06/24
Merlin Hawk 16/06/24
Open Hawk 18/06/24 8.30
South Leeds Deer 22/06/24
Haynook Fox 22/06/24
Open Hawk 22/06/24 8.30
White Horse Fox 23/06/24
Fryston Hawk 23/06/24
Open Deer 25/06/24 8.30
Grattan AC Hawk 29/06/24
Open Deer 29/06/24 8.30
Outwood Deer 30/06/24
East Leeds Fox 30/06/24
Royston Hawk 1 - 13 30/06/24
Swinefleet Hawk 14 - 33 30/06/24


The results of the most recent open and club matches are shown below; the results are shown in date order, with the most recent match at the top. The weight of the fish is shown along with the angler's name.

If you are looking for todays results, then please be patient. We have to update these results manually.

10 most recent results

This information was updated on 26/05/24
Club name Date Pond 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place
Robin Hood 26/05/24 Deer 112lb 3oz
M Firth
112lb 3oz
K Hey
69lb 2oz
S Moss
67lb 3oz
B Dell
Grove Road 26/05/24 Hawk 121lb 0oz
M Lane
89lb 11oz
J Knowles
63lb 1oz
L Thomas
51lb 4oz
S Jones
Roadline 26/05/24 Fox 145lb 10oz
Mick Brotherton
99lb 12oz
Mark Brotherton
71lb 2oz
D Blyth
50lb 0oz
J Wall
Open 25/05/24 Hawk 124lb 7oz
J Lee
117lb 0oz
S Brunyee
94lb 3oz
T Foster
90lb 3oz
M Jukes
Open 21/05/24 Deer 137lb 9oz
M Jukes
93lb 7oz
S Brunyee
70lb 6oz
M Pell
67lb 6oz
S Gray
Open 14/05/24 Deer 166lb 12oz
A Middleton
154lb 13oz
M Jukes
139lb 11oz
M Bailey
135lb 10oz
P Brunyee
Open 11/05/24 Hawk 117lb 15oz
J Lee
57lb 9oz
P Brunyee
45lb 10oz
M Jennings
43lb 9oz
R Green
Robin Hood 05/05/24 Deer 196lb 4oz
M Firth
109lb 15oz
P Wilson
108lb 8oz
C Symonds
101lb 8oz
K Hey
Great Horton 05/05/24 Hawk 146lb 3oz
M Jordan
137lb 14oz
S Oaks
129lb 3oz
J Redmond
127lb 5oz
C Sturgeon
Open 04/05/24 Deer 168lb 14oz
P Brunyee
151lb 1oz
B Rymer
141lb 1oz
N Rymer
118lb 10oz
D Playford