The forthcoming matches at Viking Fishery are shown below. You can take part in a match at the Fishery by being part of a club booking or by buying a ticket to an open match on the day. To secure your place, please ensure that you contact Laurie or Margaret.

Forthcoming matches

This information was updated on 21/10/19
Club name Pond Date Time
Rodley Nomads Hawk 23/10/19
Ferrybridge Power Hawk 11 - 22 24/10/19
Open Hawk 26/10/19 8.30
Rothwell WM Hawk 27/10/19
Open Deer 02/11/19 8.30
Pudsey Winter League Deer 03/11/19
Fryston Winter League 1 Fox 03/11/19
Rodley Barge Hawk 03/11/19
Open Hawk 09/11/19 8.30
Fryston Winter League 2 Fox 10/11/19
Spring Close Old Boys Hawk 10/11/19
Open Deer 16/11/19 8.30
Fryston Winter League 3 Fox 17/11/19
Open Hawk 23/11/19 8.30
Spring Close Old Boys Deer 24/11/19
Fryston Winter League 4 Fox 24/11/19
Open Deer 30/11/19 8.30
Spring Close Old Boys Deer 01/12/19
Fryston Winter League 5 Fox 01/12/19
Swinefleet Hawk 01/12/19
Open Hawk 07/12/19 8.30
Fryston Winter League 6 Fox 08/12/19
Spring Close Old Boys Hawk 08/12/19
Open Deer 14/12/19 8.30
Fryston Winter League 7 Fox 15/12/19
Spring Close Old Boys Deer 15/12/19
Rodley Barge Hawk 15/12/19
Open Hawk 21/12/19 8.30
Spring Close Old Boys Hawk 22/12/19
Fryston Winter League 8 Fox 22/12/19


The results of the most recent open and club matches are shown below; the results are shown in date order, with the most recent match at the top. The weight of the fish is shown along with the angler's name.

If you are looking for todays results, then please be patient. We have to update these results manually.

10 most recent results

This information was updated on 20/10/19
Club name Date Pond 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place
Great Horton 20/10/19 Hawk 103lb 11oz
M Macdonald
95lb 1oz
L Golding
56lb 14oz
K Scott
53lb 5oz
J Sutcliffe
Spring Close Old Boys 20/10/19 Deer 102lb 6oz
D Watson
69lb 0oz
C Dunn
63lb 1oz
T Bailey
53lb 5oz
R Scott
Open 19/10/19 Deer 93lb 12oz
D Holdham
87lb 1oz
H Patterson
83lb 12oz
M Bailey
82lb 7oz
R Green
Spring Close Old Boys 13/10/19 Deer 117lb 4oz
D Watson
90lb 0oz
V Rook
89lb 7oz
D Worsley
86lb 10oz
F Buick
Fryston 13/10/19 Hawk 97lb 1oz
S Birch
93lb 14oz
G Gill
87lb 0oz
I Roebuck
61lb 15oz
D Banks
Open 12/10/19 Hawk 154lb 5oz
M Jukes
98lb 1oz
R Green
75lb 11oz
D Holdham
70lb 8oz
M Bailey
Peggy Tub 06/10/19 Hawk 125lb 6oz
M Wood
113lb 1oz
B Lindley
96lb 8oz
R Thomas
83lb 9oz
P Cousins
Open 05/10/19 Deer 96lb 11oz
J Blythe
89lb 5oz
R Fillingham
75lb 13oz
R Padgett
65lb 0oz
N Taylor
White Rose Angling 05/10/19 Hawk 91lb 2oz
L Hextall
84lb 8oz
N Gregory
59lb 9oz
S Greenwood
58lb 3oz
P Sanderson
Ferrybridge Power 03/10/19 Hawk 132lb 3oz
J Derry
101lb 9oz
D Mountain
87lb 9oz
I Hartland
70lb 13oz
C Perfect