The forthcoming matches at Viking Fishery are shown below. You can take part in a match at the Fishery by being part of a club booking or by buying a ticket to an open match on the day. To secure your place, please ensure that you contact Laurie or Margaret.

Forthcoming matches

This information was updated on 12/07/19
Club name Pond Date Time
Yorkshire Post Hawk 16/07/19
Ackworth Deer 20/07/19
Open Hawk 20/07/19 8.30
Leeds Electric Deer 21/07/19
South Leeds Cons. Fox 21/07/19
Apollo Hawk 1 - 13 21/07/19
Chapel Street Hawk 14 - 33 21/07/19
WABTEC Hawk 1 - 13 27/07/19
Barnbow Social Hawk 14 - 33 27/07/19
Open Deer 27/07/19 8.30
Outwood Deer 28/07/19
Spring Close Old Boys Hawk 14 - 33 28/07/19
Morley Nelson Hawk 1 - 13 28/07/19
Merlin Fox 28/07/19
Fun Kock-Ups Fox 03/08/19
Open Hawk 03/08/19 8.30
Spring Close Old Boys Deer 04/08/19
Robin Hood Hawk 04/08/19


The results of the most recent open and club matches are shown below; the results are shown in date order, with the most recent match at the top. The weight of the fish is shown along with the angler's name.

If you are looking for todays results, then please be patient. We have to update these results manually.

10 most recent results

This information was updated on 13/07/19
Club name Date Pond 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place
Open 13/07/19 Deer 170lb 10oz
John Brain
122lb 0oz
Martin Holmes
108lb 0oz
Rob Green
94lb 3oz
Lyndon Grimmit
Open 06/07/19 Hawk 108lb 7oz
M Holmes
107lb 3oz
A Harrison
73lb 4oz
R Scott
60lb 5oz
D Whittaker
Fryston 30/06/19 Deer 62lb 11oz
D Lumb
58lb 7oz
D Banks
46lb 14oz
R Evans
45lb 13oz
S Lupton
East Leeds 30/06/19 Fox 102lb 1oz
B Smith
87lb 7oz
A Stuart
85lb 6oz
G Edwards
61lb 11oz
A Johnson
Middleton AC 23/06/19 Deer 130lb 0oz
L Grimmett
100lb 13oz
D Beggs
100lb 11oz
N Brown
66lb 12oz
A Burdeken
Bramley Band Club 23/06/19 Fox 85lb 1oz
M Booth
54lb 8oz
G Vollans
44lb 7oz
D Pinkney
39lb 10oz
J Wardropper
Drop 23/06/19 Hawk 172lb 3oz
L Wood
106lb 9oz
K Pidley
104lb 0oz
J Hamer
96lb 9oz
M Hammond
Open 22/06/19 Hawk 77lb 7oz
A Blyth
60lb 15oz
K Stevenson
55lb 15oz
R Scott
54lb 10oz
J Marshall
Kinsley Legion 22/06/19 Deer 111lb 0oz
D Stephens
93lb 0oz
J Slaughter
67lb 0oz
D Wild
64lb 2oz
J Pell
Yorkshire Post 18/06/19 Hawk 87lb 12oz
G Lancaster
62lb 5oz
M Scaife
57lb 1oz
D Hampshire
55lb 6oz
D Turner