The forthcoming matches at Viking Fishery are shown below. You can take part in a match at the Fishery by being part of a club booking or by buying a ticket to an open match on the day. To secure your place, please ensure that you contact Laurie or Margaret.

Forthcoming matches

This information was updated on 09/12/18
Club name Pond Date Time
Fryston Winter League 8 Fox 23/12/18
Fryston Winter League 9 Fox 30/12/18


The results of the most recent open and club matches are shown below; the results are shown in date order, with the most recent match at the top. The weight of the fish is shown along with the angler's name.

If you are looking for todays results, then please be patient. We have to update these results manually.

10 most recent results

This information was updated on 16/12/18
Club name Date Pond 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place
Fryston Winter League 7 16/12/18 Fox 25lb 0oz
Paul Moran
18lb 10oz
Roy Copley
17lb 7oz
Ray Evans
16lb 5oz
Gareth Gill
Fryston Winter League 6 09/12/18 Fox 23lb 3oz
P Moran
21lb 10oz
S Lupton
20lb 10oz
G Gill
14lb 2oz
I Roebuck
Spring Close Old Boys 09/12/18 Deer 30lb 0oz
V Rooks
23lb 0oz
R Scott
21lb 14oz
T Mc Gurk
16lb 8oz
L Varley
Rodley Winter League 09/12/18 Hawk 57lb 8oz
J Bloy
32lb 8oz
C Green
11lb 8oz
D Lawson
8lb 10oz
I Hardisty
Open 08/12/18 Hawk 36lb 10oz
D Hadwin
20lb 3oz
R Laycock
10lb 11oz
B Smith
10lb 1oz
P Cockburn
Fryston Winter League 5 02/12/18 Fox 66lb 11oz
G Gill
42lb 3oz
P Moran
41lb 12oz
I Roebuck
36lb 4oz
L Kear
Spring Close Old Boys 02/12/18 Deer 70lb 15oz
V Rooks
70lb 5oz
P Foster
41lb 6oz
J Chapman
31lb 7oz
R Scott
Open 01/12/18 Deer 67lb 7oz
M Smith
37lb 1oz
D Shaw
27lb 8oz
L Tones
25lb 12oz
K Wilson
Fryston Winter League 4 25/11/18 Fox 79lb 13oz
R Evans
49lb 11oz
B Copley
37lb 4oz
W Netherwood
34lb 9oz
G Gill
Spring Close Old Boys 25/11/18 Deer 76lb 7oz
R Scott
39lb 13oz
F Buike
25lb 2oz
V Rook
24lb 2oz
J Chapman